Kriselle Cellars – Red Wines from Oregon

Our red varietals are elegant—smooth and velvety, but with a solid backbone to maintain focus and provide a framework for the characteristics that make each varietal special. We use predominately new French oak barrels, although we occasionally we use a small amount of Hungarian or even American oak depending on the varietal to add a desired flavor component.

Our reds age long and slow in these barrels. On average, we keep them barreled a minimum of two years in temperature-controlled storage, but the wine itself tells us when it is ready to be blended and bottled. Balance is the key.

We meld fruit and tannins with the flavor components provided by careful barrel management to bring out the best of the grape. When we are absolutely certain our delicious Oregon wines are at their peak, we release them for sale to our customers.

As a result of our meticulous process, our reds are approachable and impressive.

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