We love being part of the vibrant Rogue Valley community and we believe in helping our neighbors grow and flourish.

We have supported the following organizations through donations and/or sponsorship:

Charitable Donations

At Kriselle Cellars, we strive to support local nonprofit organizations and causes. Our gift can consist of a donation of our time, financial sponsorship, and/or a donation of our product. Tours, private tastings, and discounts are creative ways that we can gift an organization. Please remember, the more modest the request, the easier it is for us to fulfill it.

Although we would love to support every worthwhile cause, due to volume of applications, it is not possible for us to fulfill all requests.

We evaluate applications based on the following guidelines:

  1. The application must be received at least 5 weeks before the “pick up” date in order to be considered. Because our donation budget is limited, early submission of your application is recommended.
  2. We cannot donate to individuals, individuals seeking pledges, multiple requests from the same organization, and/or causes outside the area. Please note: past support of an organization does not guarantee future support.
  3. We encourage electronic submissions rather than mailed requests. Please e-mail your request to info@krisellecellars.com. If you must mail a paper request, please send it to:Kriselle Cellars, 12956 Modoc Road, White City OR 97503
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