Flash Sale! Savings on wine, magnums galore, and shipping credits….

Welcome to our Flash Sale!

We are accepting wine orders by email or phone starting on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 until 4 pm on Friday, December 14th.
After 4 pm, we will turn our focus in our in-house guests who may enjoy these sale prices in-person in our Tasting Room until 4 pm on Sunday, December 16th.
If you are ordering through email or phone, please be sure and contact us with your order prior to the deadline of 4 pm this Friday.

Save on shipping!
Orders of 6 bottles or more will receive $10.00 off! (and we will waive our modest handling fee to save you more).

Enjoy these award winning, top-of-their-game-wines, this is no distress sale, we simply want Kriselle Cellars wines at your table and in your gift bags this holiday season.

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Super Sale Wines:

                      Price per bottle     Sale Price    6-11 bottles   12+ bottles
                          Regular Retail       10% off       15% off        25% off !
2017 Albarino         $28.00                   $25.20        $23.80       $21.00
2015 Malbec           $28.00                   $25.20        $23.80       $21.00
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon $34.00        $30.60        $28.90       $25.50

Additional Sale Wines:

                         Price per bottle     Sale Price  6 – 11 bottles 12+ bottles
                          Regular Retail            5% off     10% off        20% off !
2017 Viognier                $22.00            $20.90      $19.80         $17.60
2017 Sauvignon Blanc  $24.00            $22.80       $21.60        $19.20
2015 Di’tani                   $27.00            $25.65       $24.30        $21.60
2015 Cabernet Franc    $28.00            $26.60       $25.20        $22.40
2015 Sangiovese          $28.00            $26.60       $25.20        $22.40
2015 Sang/Cab Sauv    $29.00            $27.55       $26.10        $23.20
2014 Tempranillo           $35.00            $33.25       $31.50        $28.00

(Our members receive an additional 5% off these sale prices AND a discount on our Library Magnum Sale – Join the Kriselle Cellar Society today! !)

Please note:

  • Our sale for phone and email orders will wrap up on Friday, December 14th at 4 pm.
  • We will send out shipping orders on the following Monday – weather permitting.
  •  It is important to us that you receive/or your gift recipients receive our wines in top notch condition. Winemaker/Owner Scott Steingraber invests time, effort and resources to ensure that your Kriselle Cellars wines are kept under temperature control  from the time that the grapes are harvested until they are sold. A short period in extreme temperatures may diminish the quality of the wines and undo all of that careful crafting and monitoring of temperature in the winery and tasting room. So, we watch the weather and may hold shipping to certain zones due to extreme weather. Your wine and credit will process within 24 hours of order, and any orders to ship will mail the following week – unless the weather is not conducive for safe wine shipping. If we hold your wine, rest assured, you still will receive your wine at these great prices…and we will diligently look for the first opportunity to ship your wine order.
  • If your order is a gift, and we are on a weather hold, the recipient will receive a personal note – signed by the team AND the winemaker – stating that they have a special gift from you on the way! (and briefly explaining the weather hold).
  • Each purchaser may receive 5 shipping credits maximum.Click here to email us your wine order with savings!  
    or call us at 541.830.8466



Holidays are the perfect time to enjoy a large format wine bottle!

Our Magnums (equivalent of 2 – 750 ml bottles of wine) are festive to share at the table with friends and family. And…this weekend only: specially priced while supplies last.

Choose from a few select wines from our cellar.
Stored optimally under temperature control – magnums are excellent for aging wine – these are real beauties from our past vintages.

We only made a few – so these are very limited – don’t blink or they will be gone.
(Our members receive 10% off these magnums AND an additional discount to the sale above – Join the Kriselle Cellar Society today! )

2011 Sangiovese $70.                          2011 Cabernet Sauvignon $80.
2012 Sangiovese $65.                          2012 Cabernet Sauvignon $75.
2011 Malbec $70.                                  2012 Di’tani $65.
2012 Malbec $65.
2014 Malbec $65.

Holiday Closure – December 24th – January 2nd

Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Felix Navidad!
The Kriselle Cellars Crew is taking a little time to unwind and spend valuable time with our families. We wish you the best and look forward to sharing our wine with you in the New Year! See you in 2019!