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Calendar & Events

2023 Cellar Society release dates:

For our members:
Make a reservation and join us at the Tasting Room on any day of our release weekends to enjoy our wine and food pairing.
Each recipe is created by our kitchen magicians to pair perfectly with your new wine, and the recipe of our special pairing is yours!


January                                                                       July
14th & 15th                                                                 8th & 9th
21st & 22nd                                                                 15th & 16th

March                                                                          September
11th & 12th                                                                  9th & 10th
18th & 19th                                                                  16th & 17th

May                                                                             November
6th & 7th                                                                     11th & 12th
We will skip the following weekend:                                18th & 19th
(13th is Roam the Rogue and 14th is Mother's Day)        
and return 20th & 21st


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Kriselle Cellars Tasting Room is open Weds - Sun from 11 am - 5:30 pm.

12956 Modoc Road White City, OR 97503