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Quality wines that are truly unique.

At Kriselle Cellars, we strive to consistently produce top quality wines. But what does this really mean? For us, it begins in the vineyard with our careful pruning and water management practices. It continues through our triple tier inspection process at harvest, and with the many decisions we make in the winery to end with that special bottle of wine.

Our wines are meant to be shared with family and friends—good conversation and good food. We hope a bottle of Kriselle Cellars wine will add a special touch to any occasion.

We make wine that we love to drink and are proud to serve.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to producing our wines.

Our labor-intensive practices geared toward high quality begin in the vineyard where our vines are pruned and thinned by hand throughout the growing season. We visually inspect and sort the grapes three times before they make it to the temperature-controlled fermentation tanks—the first time is in the field when they are picked, the second time as they make their way into the destemmer, and then a final inspection after they emerge from the destemmer.

In the Kriselle Cellars winery, we carefully monitor the fermentation process to get the most from each varietal to achieve the flavor and quality we expect from our wines. We age our reds in small blocks using a variety of oak barrels, predominately from France.

Learn more about and purchase our Oregon red wines and our Oregon white wines.

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