Kriselle Cellars – White Wines from Oregon

Kriselle Cellars white wines are friendly, but with plenty of complexity to keep them interesting.

Although distinctly different from each other, both our Viognier and our Sauvignon Blanc are flavorful and well-balanced. Balance is important—the relationship between the varietal fruit flavors, the acidity to add a refreshing zing, and the mineral component for depth.

We use temperature-controlled steel tanks to produce our white wines. This allows us to precisely control the fermentation process to bring out and preserve the best each varietal has to offer, with complex layers of flavor. The result is Oregon white wines that are lush, rich, and mouth-filling – a perfect expression of the characteristics of the fruit.


By placing an order, the Buyer represents the following to Kriselle Cellars:  (a) that the Buyer is purchasing the wine for personal use and not for resale; (b) that the buyer is at least twenty-one 21 years old; (c) that the person to whom delivery will be made is at least 21 years old; and (d) that the person receiving the order will provide valid identification proving that he or she is at least twenty-one 21 years of age.